Welcome to Historic Nelligan Hall
Home of the North End Social Club

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Rabbit Rabbit is the result of a collaboration between a husband and a wife — two very experienced and adventurous musicians, Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi. Their album, Rabbit Rabbit Radio: Volume 1, is an entire year’s worth of writing and recording under their own record label, Rabbit Rabbit Records. In that year, Kihlstedt and Bossi have worked with producers Jon Evans and Joel Hamilton, who boast their own impressive resumes (Evans has Tori Amos on his list). Kihlstedt’s work can be labeled as neo-classical, haunting and avant-garde; her husband joins her in harmony, having worked with her before in The Book of Knots and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. They’re an impressive tag-team — the kind of musical pairing that belongs together. —Natalie French

About Nelligan Hall:

Thought to have been built in 1880, historic Nelligan Hall appears in records to have begun as the Globe Vaudeville Theater. In the 1930's the building was adopted as Democratic Campaign Headquarters in the area and was the longtime home of the North End Social Club. According to Portland Museum Executive Director, Natalie Andrews, a common saying in the neighborhood was, "If you want something done in Portland, you HAVE to go through Nelligan Hall."

The 4,309 sf building, located in the middle of the Portland Neighborhood, and directly adjacent to the Falls of the Ohio and Shippingport Island also happens to be 8 blocks west of Fort-on-Shore, Louisville's first settlement founded by General George Rogers Clark in 1778.

Over the last 6 years, the current owners, whom are visual artists and cultural movers and shakers have repaired compromised areas of the building, and maintained rent-able art studios and band practice spaces, giving the old building a whole new life, which has brought the Hall's legacy in the community to a whole new generation. The artists and other neighborhood leaders collectively bought the building in 2005 intending to restore the hall to its original prominent role in the Portland Neighborhood. Good old-fashioned hard work and the help of friends have transformed Nelligan Hall into a soulful artists' and musicians' space. The dozens of shows that have taken place over the last 7 years have been great as well.

Nelligan currently features 9 studios, a raw loft space ready for renovation, a stage, a DJ booth, an old fashioned bar, a commercial kitchen, and a large open space. There is also a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization associated with the building called the "North End Social Club" which is eligible to apply for a license to serve alcohol. Nelligan is located in an area that is on the verge of becoming a very popular part of town. With other art spaces popping up in Louisville's oldest neighborhood, the stage is set for positive neighborhood revitalization. Become a part of Portland!

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